I am a Make-Up Artist in Paris. I will work for serious propositions only, so please when you write to me describe the project, the goal, the dates, the budget and the staff as much as you can know about it, thank you :

Téléchargez mon composite.

My competence and my pleasure is in make-up but I can also do hair and nails when needed. Due to a physical disease of the tendons, I give a priority to jobs without hair, and I can’t accept jobs « outside » on a spot. Thank you for your understanding.

You want to know a little more about me ?

I love as much natural flawless nude make-up as creative works with materials…as long as the whole team on the shoot is full of energy and respectful of each one’s work. I love to catch a few words of the project to think about it and invent new applications, new products, new styles ! I can either stick to an artistic direction and « slip in it », or propose my own projects to a photographer.

My work is very clean and I give an importance to treating my models’skin gently, whether it is a model or a particular.

I will choose your project for the people working on it and the challenge that it gives to me ! You will choose me for my professionalism on the studio, the quality of my work and my creativity.

See you very soon then !

Do NOT feed the make-up artist with faces and pigments :)